4 Property Agreement Clears Way to Ordinariate
St. Luke’s Church will make a pilgrimage from Anglicanism to Roman Catholicism without leaving its historic location at 53rd Street and Annapolis Road in Bladensburg, Md.

12 Eyeball-to-Eyeball Communion
By Thabo C. Makgoba
What is at stake is this: are we prepared to live in mutuality, across our differences? Or do we demand the right to do our own thing, on our own terms, even though this fails to reflect the body-of-Christ communion life to which God calls us; and even though, in the longer term, this will damage our own ability to flourish?

Review Essay
14 The Hope of Things to Come
edited by Mark D. Chapman
Review by John C. Bauerschmidt
The Hope of Things to Come collects a number of essays that explore a common theme: as described by editor Mark D. Chapman, the relationship of past, present, and future within the context of the historically revealed Christian faith transmitted in a historical process within the institution of the Church. History, tradition, and the Church are approached from different angles in different essays, yet it is fair to say that each (whatever its starting point) moves intentionally to consider the future of Anglicanism.

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18 The American Catholic Revolution
by Mark S. Massa, SJ
Review by Patrick J. Hayes

19 Women, Feminism and Religion in Early Enlightenment England
by Sarah Apetrei
Review by Mark F.M. Clavier

20 The History of Christianity
by Diarmaid MacCulloch
Review by Peter Eaton

Catholic Voices
24 Saints Elsewhere
By Douglas Taylor-Weiss

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