‘Go and See What They Are Doing’
The Presiding Bishop Visits Southeast Mexico


Focus on Haiti

10 Smithsonian Helps Save Haitian Murals
By Gary G. Yerkey
In the heart of downtown Port-au-Prince, one year after the nation’s devastating earthquake, a towering remnant of Cathédrale St. Trinité’s north transept stands alone, its walls still covered with some of this country’s most precious but damaged works of art.

12 Rebuilding Brick by Brick
By Kyle Stewart Evans
Cathédrale St. Trinité has been a central place of sanctity, sanctuary, and justice since the 1920s.

14 Book Review: Hidden in the Rubble
Review by Mark Harris
Gerard Straub has produced an astounding sustained meditation on the spiritual encounter with overwhelming suffering, primarily in the slums of Port-au-Prince before and immediately following the January 2010 earthquake. It is an odd book.

16 How Food for the Poor Helps in Haiti
By Bob Libby
In the first 30 days after Haiti’s devastating earthquake, Food for the Poor provided food for 20 million meals.

18 ‘A New Life, A Rebirth’ at St. Luke’s, Jackson, Tennessee

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22 Chiara Lubich and Suffering Love

By Nathaniel W. Pierce

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23 Robert Darwin Crouse, 1930-2011
By Anthony J. Burton

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