4 SCLM’s Rite in Progress:
‘The Outline of Marriage’?

10 A Gospel Worth Dying For
By Benjamin A. Kwashi
My attackers took me downstairs to the field outside my house, where they were going to kill me. I pleaded with them for an opportunity to pray.

14 James Solomon Russell (1857-1935):
Archdeacon, Educator, Proposed Saint
By Worth E. “Woody” Norman, Jr.
James Solomon Russell, the first African American to be elected a bishop suffragan, declined election, preferring to continue his ministry in Virginia.

17 Our Unity in Christ
Catholicity Outweighs Autonomy
By Paul Avis
The future of the Anglican Communion is in jeopardy. The Windsor Report proposed an Anglican Covenant, centering on mutual commitment, to secure a unified future for the Communion. The Anglican Covenant is the only credible proposal that I am aware of to help hold this family of churches together.

18 Seeing Basilica di San Marco at High Tide
By Mary Foster Hutchinson

21 Nikkei Farmer on the Nebraska Plains
The Burning Bush

Catholic Voices
25 A New Instrument of Communion?
By Steven R. Ford

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