4 Alabama Suffragan Elected Next Bishop

7 Why I Believe in Uganda Christian University
By Sam Young Garrett
UCU’s enrollment recently topped 10,000, marking extraordinary growth since 1997, when the Church of Uganda founded the university with 120 students. Now UCU is rapidly filling its 80-acre main campus on a breezy, palm-dotted hillside.

10 Alabama Sites Honor Jonathan Daniels
By Gary G. Yerkey
In Montgomery, Jonathan Daniels is one of 38 martyrs whose names are engraved on the Maya Lin-designed circular black granite civil rights memorial outside the Southern Poverty Law Center.

First Place
Student Essays in Christian Wisdom 2011
12 Christ the Archetype
By Stewart Douglas Clem
Questions surrounding the relationship of Scripture and the Church have been at the forefront of ecclesiastical debate since the Church’s inception. One of the most profound early examples of this comes to us in the form of a work written by St. Irenaeus in the second century.

17 A Covenant of Consideration
By John C. Bauerschmidt
Gathering is not simply a practical necessity for Christians: it is our vocation. The Church is not so much a “gathered community” as it is a community intended by God to gather all.

18 Three books on forming servant leaders
Review essay by Ian Markham

20 Staying One, Remaining Open
edited by Richard J. Jones and J. Barney Hawkins IV
Review by Richard Kew

Catholic Voices
22 This is Where We Are
By Paul Wheatley

Other Departments
21 Cultures
28 Sunday’s Readings