Seven Nominees in Central Florida
As the Diocese of Central Florida searches for its fourth bishop, seven nominees reflect its primarily evangelical identity, although both Anglo-Catholic and broad-church piety also are evident. The nominees’ answers to questions posed by the diocese’s standing committee leave few doubts on what they believe about blessing same-sex couples or offering the elements of the Eucharist to the unbaptized.

The Principled Floater
By Alister Chapman
As John Stott was attentive to the Bible’s calls for economic justice and sexual probity, and this made him politically awkward for right and left. He was a centrist, a position that reflected his understanding of the Bible and served his missions of evangelism and evangelical unity well.

Our Unity in Christ:
In Support of the Anglican Covenant

19 Greeting the Saints
By Victoria Matthews
Through the deep, ongoing commitment to communication among the early Christians, even those whom Paul and others had yet to meet, Christians knew of each other’s lives and prayed for each other’s needs.

11 Handel’s Messiah
by Calvin R. Stapert
Review by David Heetderks

The Worship Architect
by Constance M. Cherry
Review by Pierre W. Whalon

14 Three books on death and dying
by Thomas G. Long, Rob Moll and Kerry Walters
Review by Richard Kew

Catholic Voices
18 The Authority of General Convention:
A Conversation, Part 2
“No Higher Human Authority” by R. William Franklin
“The Local Church Serves the Whole” by Ephraim Radner

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