4 Bp. Bennison Trusted the Canons

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6 Gratitude in Calvin’s Institutes
By Lane Scruggs
While some have maligned Calvin and his subsequent Reformed Protestant movement as guilt-mongers, T. Hartley Hall writes: “The dynamic that drives Reformed piety is not guilt but gratitude.” This holds true within the text of the Institutes of the Christian Religion.

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8 Resisting the ACC’s Growing Power
By Mark McCall
Last month the Anglican Consultative Council began operating under a new constitution. Mark McCall, a member of the Anglican Communion Institute’s advisory committee, offers a summary of the ACI’s five-point critique of the constitution.

guest column
10 Eucharist = Worship, Not Evangelism
By Tony Clavier
The early Church was right to exclude catechumens from the Great Offering of the Sacrifice once offered and continually recapitulated. A restored emphasis on sin, repentance, and forgiveness for the initiate must accompany our rescuing the Eucharist and its restoration as the liturgy of the Church.

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