4 Standing Committee Adjusts to Scrutiny

8 ‘Where Is Your Brother?’: Canterbury Scholars Build Friendships in the Global Communion
By Leigh Edwards
The Archbishop of Canterbury sat down with three dozen Anglican leaders, given but an hour to explore with them the Anglican Communion and his role as the primus inter pares among primates. The quiet buzz of whispers, the not-so-subtle cameras and the fixated stares in the room made clear that there was a lot of expectation riding on the encounter.

18 Seminaries Rethink Their Residential Programs
By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
Mark Andrew Jones, BSG, says his serene priestly manner stems largely from having left his “hectic, workaday” world as a human resources professional for a year to finish his seminary coursework in residence at the School of Theology at the University of the South.

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10 The Will of the Father in St. Anselm’s Cur deus homo
By Joseph Lenow
St. Anselm of Canterbury’s Cur deus homo has had a storied history of misinterpretation.

14 Christian Wisdom as Relationship: St. Augustine on Being Rewritten by the Author of Love
By Christina Vance
I was the Christian catechist, but my students behind bars taught me the wisdom of God.

21 From the Pulpit of Saint James School, Volume 2

guest column
22 The Fulllness of Truth
By Tony Clavier

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