4 Archbishop’s Letter Could Affect 30 Leaders
If all the Instruments of Communion were to exclude members based on actions that disregard the moratoria of the Windsor Report, 30 Anglican leaders — from laity to priests to archbishops — could be affected.

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6 Actions Now Have Consequences
By Ephraim Radner
What should be the ecclesial consequences for Anglican churches that have consciously rejected the “mind of the Communion” during this past decade? … The archbishop’s Pentecost letter has now begun the formal process of both laying out and setting in motion these consequences.

9 If
By N.J.A. Humphrey
The devil is in the details, as the saying goes. And in the Archbishop of Canterbury’s admirable Pentecost letter, it’s the little words that are tripping me up the most.

10 Editorial: An Invitation to Grow Up
It could be that the archbishop is testing the will of Anglicans across the theological spectrum. Do we love the Anglican family enough to sacrifice for it?

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11 New Diplomacy Calls for Sacrifice
By C. Andrew Doyle
A new diplomacy begins in prayer and study that flows from our homes and congregations, then through our provinces and our global Communion. It demands a sacrifice of our egocentric nature. It demands humility — a commodity that is in short supply in today’s culture. It will take direct and personal communication.

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