4 Three Dioceses Question Title IV Changes
With varying degrees of force, three dioceses — Dallas, South Carolina and Western Louisiana — have expressed their concerns about revisions to Title IV of the Episcopal Church’s canons.

7 Up With Authority
By Benjamin Guyer
At the heart Victor Lee Austin’s new volume is a simple but rich image: the symphony.

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8 Work Faithfully
By David Lee Hyndman
The sower knows that some of the seed will be lost; he knows his limitations as a laborer with a difficult task, but none of that dissuades him from continually reaching into his sack and scattering the seed.

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10 Revisions to Title IV Are Bad Law
By G. Thomas Graves III
The revisions to Title IV enacted by General Convention at Anaheim in 2009 turn the principles of the founders of the Diocese of Dallas and those of the entire Episcopal Church on their head.

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