A Blue Book Sampler

Christ Church Bustles on the Circle
By Lauren Anderson

Daughters Reap and Sow in a New Century
By Grace Sears

Queen’s Reign Marks a Transformed Anglicanism
By John Martin

Reconciliation and Coffee
An interview with the Bishop of Durham
By Daniel H. Martins

Reading the Blue Book with St. Irenaeus
By Mark Allen Howell

Holy Women, Holy Men Misconstrued
By Jeffrey Rowthorn

Aided by Their Prayers
By Derek Olsen

Orderly Counsel
Essays in Advance of General Convention 2012

Henry Caswall: Pioneer for Anglican Unity
By Peter M. Doll

Twelve Theses on the Ministry of Bishops
By Ephraim Radner

We Sing of God’s Mercy
By David Zahl

Catholic Voices
Mission and Difference
By Jesse Zink

A Different Kind of Cell by W. Paul Jones
Review by Dan T. Edwards

A Controversial Churchman edited by Allan K. Davidson
Review by Richard J. Mammana, Jr.

God, Creation, and Climate Change edited by Richard W. Miller
Review by Jonathan Potter

Other Departments
Sunday’s Readings