4 ACNA Celebrates its First Year
Officials of the Anglican Church in North America, which launched a year ago as an alternative to the Episcopal Church, are reporting significant progress in their efforts to share Eucharist with other churches and to do evangelism alongside messianic Jews.

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10 Canadian Synod Fights Off Anxiety
By George Sumner
Sometimes, amid irreverent riffs, a comedian becomes a court jester. During the banquet at the Anglican Church of Canada’s General Synod, comedian Bill Carr diagnosed the synod as afflicted by Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Planners of the synod reached for what has become the standard antidote: a version of indaba.

12 Toward More Coherence
The Advisory Committee of Communion Partners Clergy welcomes and humbly receives the Pentecost 2010 Letter of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, to the Anglican Communion.

7 Not Transforming Enough
By A.K.M. Adam

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8 Anglican-Orthodox Dialogue’s High-water Mark
By Richard J. Mammana, Jr.

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