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Second Place
Student Essays in Christian Wisdom
8 The Wisdom of Small Groups
By Kyle Matthew Oliver
Theological discussions of Christian small groups tend to emphasize New Testament texts, perspectives, and models. A dominant New Testament focus can cause us to overlook the continuity of Scripture’s witness to God’s revealed intentions for our life in community.

14 Bishops: Guardians of the Body of Christ
By Ralph McMichael
The ministry of bishops, and how this ministry is exercised, is the fulcrum point of the Anglican Communion. Bishops are not the essence of the Christian faith and life, but bishops’ self-understanding directs or misdirects how this essence is perceived and lived.

17 Section 4: Commitment in Word and Deed
By Andrew Goddard
Much about the proposed Anglican Communion Covenant has caused controversy, but one fact does seem incontrovertible: It is Section 4, “Our Covenanted Life Together,” that for many is most troublesome.

20 Revisions
St. Augustine, translated by Boniface Ramsey
Review by Patrick T. Twomey
Given Augustine’s stature in the Church, it is a pleasure to see this book presented in a beautiful and simple hardcover without recommendations printed either on the back or inside covers. This is a serious academic work replete with excellent notes. Thus by outward sign, a warning and admonishment is given to the reader. This is Saint Augustine! Read carefully and slowly!

22 What Happened at Vatican II
By John W. O’Malley
Review by Ralph Del Colle

Catholic Voices
25 John Stott: 1921-2011
A Life of Integrity, Generosity, Discipleship and Study
By Graham Kings 

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