Church Pension Group Providing Laity Benefits

Church Investment Group Offers Benefits of Scale
By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
For years, Episcopalians have eyed the market-beating returns of large nonprofit endowments and asked a seemingly simple question: Why can’t our parishes, schools and dioceses do just as well with their investments? This year, a group of seasoned investment professionals is offering a fresh answer to that nagging question.

Living Well and Dying Faithfully
edited by Swinton and Payne
Review by Andrew Goddard

17 The Vatican by Michael Collins
Review by Peter Eaton

22 Building on a Solid Foundation
By Ian Ernest
There is an urgency for all the stakeholders of the Anglican Communion to deal with the stranger within ourselves. This will sustain us in the next step, which requires us to embrace the stranger in the other. The stranger is Christ incarnate in the knitting of the Communion tapestry.

Growing Old Together
By Douglas LeBlanc

Catholic Voices
Money Is Powerless Before God
By John Boyland
If God intends judgment on any group, no amount of money will save it. Wealth is never secure from “moth, rust and thieves” — from earthquake, embezzlement, seizure or recession. If we stand with God, we have nothing to fear from our opponents, no matter their wealth. If we stray from his will, we are in danger regardless of our bank balance. Money is powerless before God.

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