4 South African Priests Reflect on Synod

8 Christian Mission Unites
By Josiah Idowu Fearon
The Anglican Communion has always managed by divine grace to hold a balance between the Catholic and Reformed traditions.

10 Prophetic Witness for Kenyan Anglicans Today
By Joseph Wandera
With a membership of over four million, the Anglican Church of Kenya is the largest Protestant church in the country. The ACK’s heritage may be a significant contributing factor to its robust public engagement.

 14 Faithful Locally, Prayerful Globally:
Parish Ministry in the New Anglican Disorder
By Benjamin B. Twinamaani
The new Anglican disorder is, from start to finish, a creation of the combined American Anglican family, both the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church in North America, and no one else.

catholic voices
21 Dorothy Sayers and the Communion of Saints
By Lawrence N. Crumb

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