Challenging Future for Brazil’s Anglicans

Review Essay
The Republic of Grace by Charles Mathewes
Review by Jordan Hylden

Other Books
And One Was a Priest by Araminta Stone Johnston
Review by Douglas LeBlanc

15 Who Are the Christians in the Middle East?
by Betty Jane Bailey and J. Martin Bailey
Review by Richard J. Mammana, Jr.

16 The Myth of Religious Violence
by William T. Cavanaugh
Review by Leigh Edwards

Our Unity in Christ series
Recognizably Anglican
By George R. Sumner
Max Warren, honored at the 1963 Anglican Congress, stressed that churches are always at risk of selling out to the surrounding pagan culture, and that the line between the two is ever being redrawn. Churches need global partners because it is hard to see ourselves.

Catholic Voices
An Act of Judgment?
By Oliver O’Donovan
Why do the Christian ethics of war and the law founded on it prohibit assassinations? Because assassination cannot be a true act of judgment.

22 ‘No Pleasure in the Death of the Wicked’
By Deonna Neal
If the act of killing bin Laden was truly justified, then this justification must be articulated clearly so that our actions may be distinguished from the actions of our enemies. Justice cannot be satisfied with revenge.

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