4 St. Paul’s Welcomes the Pilgrims of 9/11
In some of the darkest moments of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center ten years ago, Nathan Brockman saw Christian hope embodied at the parish of Trinity Wall Street.

12 Remembering 9/11
By Lawrence N. Crumb
Where were you? I was in St. Louis, serving as interim rector of Trinity Episcopal Church. That morning, as I was preparing to fly to Portland, Maine, to visit friends, I vaguely heard something on the radio about the World Trade Center, and assumed it was another bomb in the underground garage, as had happened in 1993.

16 When Bad Things Happen to Good Parishes
By Kathryn Greene-McCreight
Bad things stem not from God being evil, impotent, or cruel but from a very human yet pathological desire for power and control. Such a death grip is often accompanied by breakdowns in communication blanketing with silence any conflict and allowing for the perpetuation of abuse.

28 Public Illusionists
By Oliver O’Donovan
Not deterred from the role of moralizers-in-chief by being principal party to the case and willing as ever to feast on one another’s flesh, the media have led a hue and cry against themselves that has carefully avoided discussing the journalistic ethos as a whole.

32 King James the Peacemaker and his Bible
By Benjamin Guyer
The Authorized Version was in many ways a reflection of the king whose name it still bears: a seamless union of traditional language and humanist scholarship fueled by ecumenical vision. It is therefore just as relevant today as it was in 1611.

39 Relationship, Definition, Accountability
By Nathaniel W. Pierce
Common points among the proposed Anglican Communion Covenant, the Baptismal Covenant, and the covenant of marriage.

23 A selection especially for clergy and parishes.

Catholic Voices
38 In a Scattering Time
By Jordan Hylden

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