Walter L. Prehn was ordained in the Episcopal Church in 1985, and served as a parish priest for twelve years. These years included a vigorous teaching ministry, including work as Instructor in Historical Theology at the Bishop’s School for Ministry in San Antonio 1993-1996 (Anglicanism 1700 to Present). Prehn responded to a powerful call to enter school work in 1996. The late Jennings Waggoner directed him at the University of Virginia, where he earned a Ph.D. in History. Prehn is an authority on the educator William Augustus Muhlenberg (1796-1877), whose school-making movement founded in 1828 gave rise to some of the premier “Church schools” in the United States. Dr. Prehn has a deep commitment to the classical Anglican vision (especially that of Richard Hooker) and is an avid student of the Oxford Movement and Church Revival on both sides of the Atlantic. For seven years, he was Headmaster of Trinity School in West Texas, and his Headmaster’s Journal was widely read by other school leaders. He is currently working on two novels and is a published poet.