William Bartram’s Travels

By John Bauerschmidt I first came to know of William Bartram in fictional form, as a minor character who appears at the beginning of Kenneth Robert’s novel Lydia Bailey. Bartram has what amounts to a cameo r... Read More...

Religion on vacation: Rocamadour, Aigues-Morte, and Nîmes

Cultural travelogues usually try to pick up a whiff of some hidden rustling in the midst of fragments. Here I see only subdued disjunctions; I smell only the dust from ground trampled by the world, as it barrels along under a sky of forgetfulness.

Coincidences: God’s anonymous way?

Faith involves long periods of trudging forward, punctuated by coincidences and the unexpected — and these sometimes build upon one another.

The ethics of travel

I write from the road, on the latest of my long trips for the Living Church Foundation. It leads me to wonder about the proper movement of Christians on the earth.