The Evangelical Edge

 This is the second of three reflections on hierarchy. Part one is here. By Christopher Wells Digging deeper into the origins of hierarchy, one comes to a most basic sense of the Greek arché, namely, begi... Read More...

Aquinas as Anglican

The following short essay appears in a new translation of a minor work of St. Thomas Aquinas: De Sortibus: A Letter to a Friend about the Casting of Lots, trans. Peter Carey (forthcoming in 2021 from Wipf &... Read More...

St. Dominic & The Florida Project

These are gut-wrenchingly difficult communities to consider. And yet their characters, or at least their real-world counterparts, are my neighbors, whom I am called to love and to serve. St. Dominic would have me ask, “What about them is good, true and beautiful?”

How to Be Religious

Being religious indicates something very basic: recognizing God as creator and responding with gratitude.