Beauty in the Pandemic

Perhaps that is one reason to live-stream — not that it would lessen our absence from each other, but that it would heighten absence, and thus teach us to yearn.

Two Ways of Common Praying

This paper is one liturgical theologian’s attempt to reflect on what it can mean to be the Church for an extended period of time when we will be gathering virtually.

Communion in Chaos in the UMC

The coronavirus pandemic has shuttered United Methodist Churches throughout much of the United States. Over the past week Methodist pastors have made many difficult decisions. More are still to come.

Anglicans Online: A Retrospective

The opportunity to offer a personal retrospective on the website is a happy and welcome thing, if here emphatically personal. Anglicans Online’s inner workings were always a group effort of deep magic.

Homo Digitalis

Technology presents us with opportunities, but also significant challenges.


We keep ourselves busy with school and work and play — all to avoid being alone in a quiet room. We fill our lives with distractions to avoid knowing ourselves, to avoid seeing and thinking about what we are, where we come from, where we are going.