Scripture and the Mystery of Procreation

I worry that the church that fails to publicly protect the unique sacramentality of procreative marriage may just find that it has cut its own umbilical cord.

Episcopal Authority in a Changing Church

No matter how General Synod turns out, the question that all Anglicans face is how to move forward in their own vocations as Christians, especially if they believe their bishops to be undermining the words of Jesus.

Fruits Worthy of Repentance

Conservative Anglicans in Canada now find themselves in a church in which they are the minority with respect to marriage and human sexuality. Nevertheless, the gospel does not permit us to give up hope or to grow weary in doing good.

Witness and Survival

Bp. Love's position could easily lead once again to disciplinary proceedings, turmoil in the diocese, property disputes, resources thrown to the wind, and the collapse of another diocese of the Episcopal Church.