Against Non-Apologies

What Sir Paul McCartney Understands About Contrition That Frank Sinatra, Marvin Gaye, and Elvis Did Not (Nor Most Current Public Apologizers) By Neal Michell We live in an age of public apologies. Politicia... Read More...

The Way of Love: Turn

Part of a series on The Way of Love. Other previous entries are available here. By Charlie Clauss Presiding Bishop Curry should be applauded for his work to bring the Episcopal Church the program, The Way... Read More...

Uncomfortable Genealogy

By Richard Mammana The Yankee is comfortable in his complacency about racial inequality in the United States, imagining himself unsullied by the slaving stains of American history. I was such a one until I began reading the wills of my mother’s New Jersey a... Read More...

We Traditionalists Need to Repent to the LGBTQ Community

I would like conservative Christians reading this to better understand the larger picture from the perspective of people who have been harmed, and to consider for themselves personally and in their own churches how they may have been complicit in that harm, so that we can have more authentic and loving relationships with our neighbors.

Penitential Solidarity

As we continue to discover abuse, Pope Francis and others are rightly leading the whole Church in this corporate confession of sin.