St. Luke’s, bivocational priests, and Fr. Holder

Bivocational ministry is widely touted as our future model in the Episcopal Church. The TREC report encouraged exploration of “diverse ways for ordained clergy to make a living inside and outside the Church.” My hope for the conversation was that Fr. Holder could tell me a little more about how this actually works, for the bivocational leader and for the congregation that ministers with him or her.

Am I ready to die?

The diagnosis came like a bolt from the blue. As a priest, I have regularly been near death and dying, but I found myself unprepared for the inevitable in my case.

holy hands

I'm currently in a phase of "secular" work (employed at a church, but not empowered to use my "magic hands" — that is, to function as a priest), and have had the opportunity to reflect quite a bit on the boundaries of Christian ministry.