Why I Wear Black

By Zachary Guiliano I always knew I’d wear black. My first inkling came when I was 18 and an intern at a Pentecostal church. I attended a short course on recovery ministries, and a local Salvation Army preac... Read More...

The Priest as Generalist

By Cole Hartin One of my fears as a pastor is to have my preaching considered “too academic.” I know there is a place for eloquent, learned preaching, but it’s not in most of our cities or towns. On the univ... Read More...

On Priestcraft

In the role of a pastor, results are not tangible and are seldom measurable.  Even when they are measurable, the question of what they are measuring is an open one.  I can apply myself to a task and see nothing change over long periods of time. Pastoral ministry can often feel purposeless.

“Tend My Flock”: The Pastoral Core of Ordained Ministry

I regularly hear fellow priests talk about how their principal responsibilities are to plan and execute Sunday worship. Lay people can visit the sick members of their parishes, they tell me. After all, priests are trained for other things.

What to call the priest?

I commend the use of Pastor to my fellow Episcopalians as the most reflective of the descriptions of the presbyter found in the New Testament and the prayer book rite for ordination.