An end to endorsements

This year’s long presidential campaign has felt considerably longer because of the many endorsements, retracted endorsements, suspended endorsements, resurrected endorsements, and counter-endorsements.

TBT: Candidates and Issues

The choice of the next president must be based upon the candidate’s ability to frame new policies to fit new situations within the context of the broad generalities upon which agreement is so complete that one must listen closely to detect the differences in emphasis.

Politics, partisans, and the Church

I joked with my classmates that if we really wanted to bar membership in groups that inhibit faithfulness to the gospel, we should forbid membership in the Democratic and Republican parties.

The demise of American civil religion

Something will be lost no matter who wins November’s American presidential election — something more central to American identity than the dissipating mirage of political unity.

Common ground

The President recently said, “Love has no limits.” But the need for boundaries in themselves must still be common ground.