The Priest as Generalist

By Cole Hartin One of my fears as a pastor is to have my preaching considered “too academic.” I know there is a place for eloquent, learned preaching, but it’s not in most of our cities or towns. On the univ... Read More...

Post-Pandemic Ministry

By Rob Price Through the Lenten season I learned, along with many of my clergy colleagues, the new skills ministry demanded by shelter-in-place ministry: Facebook live-streaming, Zoom meetings and Bible stud... Read More...

What Your Parish Priest Misses Most

By Clint Wilson I miss the silence of the church before anyone has arrived, I miss the altar guild faithfully serving in unseen ways, I miss the embrace of so many, touches serving as pastoral promisso... Read More...

The Work of the Priest: A Conversation

The struggle to properly balance the contemplative and the active virtues is not new to modern American life. St. Gregory the Great discussed the need for both in his classic

On Priestcraft

In the role of a pastor, results are not tangible and are seldom measurable.  Even when they are measurable, the question of what they are measuring is an open one.  I can apply myself to a task and see nothing change over long periods of time. Pastoral ministry can often feel purposeless.

The First Ninety Days, Part 3

The new rector should use the first 90 days to establish the new priest as role of a caring pastor of the congregation by spending his or her time listening to as many parishioners as possible. This requires great intentionality on the part of the new rector. By being intentional in these first 90 days the new rector can instill a sense of enthusiasm and develop some early momentum in this crucial time in the life of the congregation.