Harmonious Gospels: Symphony in (Year) B

By Jay Thomas As the season after Epiphany trudged through these long winter months before ceding its place to Lent, the Christmas season faded to an afterthought in the rearview mirror. The regular hum-drum... Read More...

Being Distracted by the Right Things

By Sam Keyes Three times now in an introductory course on sacraments and liturgy, I’ve asked students to reflect on a playlist of Church music that I assembled for them. To do such a thing at all challenges ... Read More...

Billy Joe Shaver and Music for the Land of Nod

By John Mason Lock With the political morass we've been enduring during this election cycle and the pressures of leading a church in a pandemic, I was about a week late in learning of the passing of one of my favorite country singers, Billy Joe Shaver, who ... Read More...

Christmas Music Worth Your Time

The following may not quite enable the musical equivalent of a monastic flight from the forced saccharine madness that blares from too many speakers in public places, but each album will help create spaces of Christian contemplation and reflection during the Christmas season.

Bob Dylan: Advent songwriter?

The central theme of “When He Returns” is not the dynamics of personal conversion, but the cosmic scale of the divine last word.