A Short Course in Suffering

By Daniel Martins  Susanne, my late mother-in-law, was a devout believer. Raised in a strict Anabaptist faith community, she left that tradition as a young adult over what she thought was an excessive legali... Read More...

COVID Taught Me How to Get Married

By Ben Christenson For the wisdom of the world is foolishness in God’s sight. —1 Corinthians 3:19 I got married last year at 22. In retrospect, I see that my approach to our pre-COVID wedding was something a... Read More...

How We Understand Ourselves

By George Sumner As a member of the Communion Partners, I recognize and agree with recent essays by my friends Canon Jordan Hylden and Bishop Dan Martins. I mean this essay to be complementary to their reflections. I want to describe how I understand our vo... Read More...

Decline is a Choice

By Jordan Hylden Like everyone else, I found the 2019 parochial report statistics very sobering reading. As David Goodhew summarized, TEC has lost about 40 percent of its membership since 1980, with 314,000 ... Read More...

Pray for the City

How does a vision of a thick civic culture relate first to the policy of allowing for religious tax exemption, and then to the question of whether churches ought to allow their clergy to sign marriage licenses?

Perhaps The Time Has Come

Should we cut the final Constantinian tether by which the priest serves simultaneously as civil agent?

Marriage: Gift and Vocation

In all the conflicted debates over the past years regarding sexuality, churches have often forgotten the simple and privileged task of witnessing to and commending the married life. It’s something worth doing.