Celebrating Christmas in Advent

By Neal Michell I have a confession to make: I have already put up our Christmas tree... and our outdoor lights... and I was singing Christmas carols while doing so. In fact, they were all put up before the ... Read More...

Welcome to Pre-Advent

By Stewart Clem No, Target: we do not agree that Christmas begins on November 1. You must be thinking of All Saints’ Day. Christmas begins after first vespers on December 24. People have been complain... Read More...

For All Souls Day

By Christopher Yoder Since at least the 11th century, western Christians have prayed for the dead on this day, All Souls Day. Others have written here about the history of All Souls Day, its abeyance in classical Anglicanism, and its modern reappearance (in... Read More...

Learning to tell time liturgically

Porter Taylor: Liturgical time is thick. It is different. It is new. And it is utterly real. Our experience with and encounter of the living God through the sacrament of sacraments is the pinnacle of the Church’s worship.
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The Anglican way

I shall seek to write down that which I believe to be the essence of Anglicanism. None of the elements I note are in themselves the exclusive property of our tradition, but taken together they express what our church—with a small c—has sought be at its best.