Life before Birth According to Scripture

By Jean McCurdy Meade While Christians adopt different stances on how to best address the morality of abortion, we should all bear in mind what the Bible implies about God’s role in conceiving human life by ... Read More...

On Death, Grief, and Redemptive Suffering

By William Yale My mother died of pancreatic cancer at age fifty-six; I was fifteen. For ten months, she endured chemotherapy and radiation treatment, until she collapsed and was hospitalized. She spent two weeks in the hospital, in and out of consciousness... Read More...

Abortion is not a blessing

Abortion is not a blessing. Let us in all humility never be afraid to say so. And may the prayers of the Holy Innocents ascend to the throne of grace to strengthen us in God’s saving work

Speak yet again: euthanasia (2)

Yesterday, I wrote about the Right to Die movement. Today, I outline some theological principles for opposing euthanasia.