1 Peter 3:1-7 in Fresh Perspective

By Peter R. Rodgers When the Lambeth Conference meets next summer, one of the distinctive features will be a study of the First Letter of Peter. The First Letter of Peter: A Global Commentary, edited by Pro... Read More...

Questioning Lambeth 2020

The organizers of Lambeth 2020 have many difficult matters to tackle. But the gross disparity between the number of worshipers in the different dioceses is a question that needs to be faced. As things stand, the net result is continuing to privilege the voices of small numbers of white Westerners while side-lining swaths of the most missional and poorest Christians in the Anglican Communion.

Why Can’t Lambeth Become a Synod?

Why can’t Lambeth become a synod? Whatever our answers to this question, we must recognize that the historical case against synodality for Lambeth rests upon a rather unattractive nationalism, and is simply untenable.

Invitation to London

In partnership with Lambeth Palace and Westminster Abbey, the Living Church Institute is delighted to help host what promises to be a serious and invigorating exploration of Anglican ecumenical commitments and the future of the Anglican Communion.

Making a Bad Call Worse

Lambeth 1998’s Resolution I.10 was a mistake, one that did not resolve but rather preempted the Communion-wide discernment process on same-sex relationships.

Why the Lambeth Conference?

Why does the Lambeth Conference matter? On an interview on a new book: The Lambeth Conference: Theology, History, Polity and Purpose — The First 150 Years.