Abraham and Sarah, Slaveholders

By Ephraim Radner Abraham and Sarah were slaveholders. Eliezer and Hagar were their slaves. The following is but a brief reflection on how we have interpreted this uncomfortable fact. It offers no grand clai... Read More...

Who Needs Catechesis?

By Alex Fogleman From the beginning, Christians have connected teaching and baptism through the Great Commission — baptizing in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and “teaching them to obey all tha... Read More...

Uncomfortable Genealogy

By Richard Mammana The Yankee is comfortable in his complacency about racial inequality in the United States, imagining himself unsullied by the slaving stains of American history. I was such a one until I b... Read More...

Sympathetic Imagination

The process of entering into another age and another culture is not a strictly scientific one but requires imagination, the ability to call to mind people distant from us in time and place.

Anglicans Online: A Retrospective

The opportunity to offer a personal retrospective on the website is a happy and welcome thing, if here emphatically personal. Anglicans Online’s inner workings were always a group effort of deep magic.