Death is Staring Us Down

By Cole Hartin People will tell me that the reality of death so far exceeds the thought that when we actually get there, all our fine fencing amounts to nothing. Let them say so: there is no doubt whatsoever that meditating on it beforehand confers great adva... Read More...

Life in the Shadow of the Cross

By Elisabeth Kincaid In his sermon for the sixth Sunday of Lent in Parochial and Plain Sermons, preached on April 9, 1841, John Henry Newman describes the cross of Christ as the measure of the world, the key... Read More...

The Cup is What He Gives You

We see in our readings that when Jesus prays for us to be united to him and to the Father, there is then no other way we can choose if we are to be blessed, apart from the one that the Father gives Jesus.

The Sound of Silence

It is Good Friday, when the silence of God is stronger than the noise of men.