Jesus Christ in the Old Testament

By Jeff Boldt Between Easter and the Ascension the risen Lord appeared to two disciples on the road to Emmaus. Famously, they didn't recognize Jesus, which is all the more incredible given that one of them m... Read More...

The Holy One Called Home

By Ian Olson The season of Epiphany is another phase of the time between the times, inviting the church to remember the revealing of the carpenter's son as Israel's promised deliverer and anticipate the wider world’s recognition of his identity. It is a tim... Read More...

Confronted by the Word

By Jonathan Turtle It is undoubtedly the case that exposure to the Bible — hearing it, reading it, praying it, meditating upon it — is central to the Christian life. Anglicans, of all people, heirs to the Th... Read More...

Reading Scripture Well (Part 2)

In the broadest sense, figural reading is a long-term visa and a rail-pass rolled up into one, that opens up pathways across the extraordinary terrain of the Bible, in a way that includes all reality.  

Fruits Worthy of Repentance

Conservative Anglicans in Canada now find themselves in a church in which they are the minority with respect to marriage and human sexuality. Nevertheless, the gospel does not permit us to give up hope or to grow weary in doing good.