Not Ashamed at the Gates

By Sam Keyes   Like as the arrows in the hand of the giant, * even so are the young children. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them; * they shall not be ashamed when they speak with the... Read More...

The Church or the Family?

By Calvin Lane There is, arguably, no greater imperative for the Church at this moment than deep formation in the Christian narrative. Everything we do hinges on our story, the story we hold deep within that... Read More...

“Don’t Cheat on God”: The Seventh Commandment

By Brandt L. Montgomery In “Faith of My Father,” I recalled how God made possible the reunion between my late father and I in 1997, following a seven-year estrangement. I further recounted Dad’s pastor describing him not only as a firm Christian but also a ... Read More...

Nature, Grace, and Adoption

Since it is small, accessible, and thoroughly theological, it would be an excellent resource for beginning a conversation on adoption and assisted reproduction among pastors or seminary students, who may be asked to counsel other Christians.

Responses to “Empire Remixed”

In the run up to the Anglican Church of Canada's 2019 General Synod, Covenant published a series of articles dealing with the proposed changes to the marriage canon from a conservative perspective. These articles generated considerable response. Two of our authors have penned responses to their critics.

Trinitarian cuisine

My wife, Monica, fires up the holy trinity of Cajun cooking (bell pepper, celery, and onions) in a skillet and I know that bliss is only a few hours away.