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Let the meetings begin

The presiding officers of General Convention have announced 261 appointments to the church’s committees, commissions, agencies and boards.
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Quality worship

Are Cathedrals the only congregations capable of excellence in their public worship?
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After the fall

Many of us, of course, are wondering about what our future is or should be in The Episcopal Church. For my part, I believe I have one, and plan to pursue it.
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A response to Ross Douthat

Douthat is right in his reminder of the important ways in which liberal Christianity contributes positively to Western culture, but he is wrong in his diagnosis of our decline.

Spiritual geographic

We need to ask smaller dioceses present us with a problem to be solved or a parabolic challenge to be answered.
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A Blue Book sampler

At 759 pages and 155 resolutions, the Blue Book for the 77th General Convention addresses a broad range of topics, from blessing rites for same-sex couples to an embattled budget, from a kinder approach on clergy removal to additional Bible translations for lectionary readings.

Our political captivity

General Convention’s structure has slavishly copied in ecclesial ink the politics and legislative processes of American culture.