Church of the Japanese holdout?

Hiroo Onoda spent twenty-nine years fighting a war that had been over for a long time. Is this an analogy for the Church?

Transitions: the search process

Pastors come and pastors go. I am in the middle of that at this moment, an experience that many of us have had on either side of the pulpit.

Homesick at home

What, then, is the strategy for staying in the Episcopal Church? To borrow from Chesterton, it means at times being “homesick at home."
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Lest we forget

We do need to go to dark Calvary before we approach Resurrection. Resurrection isn’t reinvention. It can only be understood in the light of all that went before, immediately before and in the story of Israel’s relationship with her God.
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Prepare the feast

The Scholar-Priest Initiative strives to reconnect academic theology to its ecclesial roots.
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Charges grieve several bishops

Bishops of Communion Partners “call upon all concerned to seek a non-juridical solution to these difficult matters.”