Conservative Cradle Episcopalians

By Margaret Will Covenant published two articles on public figure Tucker Carlson in 2017 and 2019. Both examined his conservative Republican visibility in the left-leaning Episcopal Church. While I enjoy Car... Read More...

On Hunting

By Chip Prehn Sir Roger Scruton, who died too young last January, came late to fox-hunting but made up for this by becoming one of England’s most avid sportsmen and lovers of the chase. About 2001, I picked ... Read More...

Tucker Carlson, Episcopalian

That Carlson remains a part of the Episcopal Church — and could even be its most famous member —  is illustrative in a few ways.

Sir Roger Scruton: Conserving the world

The earth is fundamentally a religious place — a place of belonging and of worship. It is a place of holy sacrifice, with its highest expression in the Christian sacraments, which “rehearse the solution that previous explorations of the sacred could not find, which is the self-sacrifice of God” (p. 20).