New Millennium, New Church

By Richard Kew It is thirty years since the late Bishop Roger White and I authored New Millennium, New Church, the first of several books in which we challenged the church to think seriously about what the f... Read More...

Why Go Back to Church?

By Francis H. Wade It is unlikely that Carl Sandberg intended in 1936 to describe the plight of the church in 2020 but his poem “Get Off This Estate” does just that. "Get off this estate." "What for?" "Be... Read More...

Is the Church Essential?

By Don Beyers Although it is too early for us to say how the COVID-19 virus will transform our church, we can be sure the implications of the pandemic will reshape ministry for many years to come. Yet I wonder, how might it change us today? This could be the... Read More...

Bodies in Worship

You can shop from home. You can work from home. And you can even worship from home.

ARCIC III, Walking Together on the Way: Learning to Be the Church—Local, Regional, Universal

ARCIC III is convinced that, just as a return to the sources of tradition in Scripture, liturgy, and the Patristic and Scholastic periods (ressourcement) has been renewing both Anglican and Roman Catholic theology since the middle of the last century, so critical self-examination through the prism of ecumenical dialogue and receptive learning can deepen the renewal and participation of the Church in the Trinitarian communion of God.