What Should Bishops Do?

By Leander S. Harding Not long after I was ordained some 40 years ago this June, our bishop took a leave for health reasons. After about six months he was back in office and a changed man with a winsome comb... Read More...

A Reflection Upon Retirement

By Daniel Martins Not long ago, I authored a book review, appearing in The Living Church, of a collection of reflections, by a dozen or so retired priests of the Church of England, on the experience of retir... Read More...

On Bishop Love

By Daniel Martins First, a disclaimer: I am a bishop member of the Communion Partners, and much of what I write here concerns the Communion Partners directly. While I am reasonably confident that most or all of my CP bishop colleagues will broadly agree wit... Read More...

A Good Shepherd

This good and true shepherd’s interest in and care for all of us who became his “sons” was surely a sign to us that the Good Shepherd had plans for us and was counting on us to be His disciples.

Questioning Lambeth 2020

The organizers of Lambeth 2020 have many difficult matters to tackle. But the gross disparity between the number of worshipers in the different dioceses is a question that needs to be faced. As things stand, the net result is continuing to privilege the voices of small numbers of white Westerners while side-lining swaths of the most missional and poorest Christians in the Anglican Communion.

Episcopal Authority in a Changing Church

No matter how General Synod turns out, the question that all Anglicans face is how to move forward in their own vocations as Christians, especially if they believe their bishops to be undermining the words of Jesus.