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Praise from Singapore

From The Christian Post’s Singapore edition:

If many in the Anglican world deem the ten-year leadership of the Archbishop of Canterbury a failure, theologians from Singapore interviewed by The Christian Post take a radically different view of the matter.

Anglican theologian Michael Nai-Chiu Poon was one of the respondents to an email request by this paper for comment on the contributions of the Most Reverend and Right Honourable Dr. Rowan Douglas Williams. As the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Williams is the spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion.

The Rev. Canon Dr. Poon said: “Dr. Rowan Williams is arguably the most sensitive and erudite theologian in the Anglican world, God’s gift to the church universal at a time when it needs to discern afresh the character of Christian discipleship in the radically altered situation in the 21st century.

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