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Well, I don’t actually listen to CDs, or the ever-more-hip records, but below is a short list of the music that’s been both background and fuel for my sermon preparation and work the last few months.

Asgeir sent my husband and me on a Norwegian music bender: there’s a lot of great stuff coming out of this Scandinavian country these days (my husband would argue this is no coincidence, it being his country of ancestry).

“Belly of the Deepest Love” was performed on Easter morning at my church; the bridge and chorus get me going every time:

The beats of hammers felt like drums of war/Killed for the words you swore
From the belly of the deepest love/The hills trembling throats sing hallelujah
Like the flowers on the dogwood tree/blush with blame you took for me
Oh how you wished to be with me/Oh how you wished to be with me

Check out the list below for all the selections:

The Rev. Emily Hylden currently serves in ecumenical ministry as Assistant to Pastor at Downtown Church (PCUSA). Her other Covenant posts are here

The featured image is “Record” (2007) by Casey Marshall. It is licensed under Creative Commons. 


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