Jeremy Bergstrom

The Rev. Dr. Jeremy Bergstrom is canon for vocations in the Diocese of Dallas and priest-in-charge of St. Christopher’s, Dallas. He has been called a “Patristic fundamentalist,” and is content with the label.

Jeff Boldt

After growing up in the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Jeff Boldt wandered through the spiritual ruins of North American denominationalism looking for the “True Church.” Instead he found the Anglican Communion, where he has begun to learn the virtue of staying put.

Dane Boston

Dane Boston is rector of Christ Church in Cooperstown, New York. He trained for the priesthood at Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, receiving his MDiv in 2011.

Matt Boulter

Fr. Matt Boulter is the associate rector at Christ Church in Tyler, Texas, and a PhD candidate in medieval philosphy at the University of Dallas.

Will Brown

Fr. Will Brown was born again by water and the Spirit at St. George’s Episcopal Church on Easter Eve, 1979, in Griffin, Georgia. Fr. Brown is a priest of the Society of the Holy Cross, a disciple of René Girard, and the beleaguered master of a Vizsla.

Matthew Burdette

The Rev. Dr. Matthew Burdette is a curate at Church of the Good Shepherd in Dallas and serves as associate program director of the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology.

The Living Church

In continuous publication since 1878, The Living Church remains focused on the whole state of Christ’s Church, amid major shifts in the landscape and culture of global Christianity. We are champions of a covenanted Anglican Communion as a means of healing the wounds of division in the body of Christ.

Charlie Clauss

When Charlie and his wife arrived in Colorado Springs in the mid to late 1990s, they joined an Episcopal church. Living in the South, with a Baptist church on every corner, Charlie was a Lutheran. Now living in Minnesota, with a Lutheran church on every corner, he is an Episcopalian.

Mark Clavier

The Rev. Dr. Mark Clavier is the residentiary canon of Brecon Cathedral in mid-Wales, with primary responsibility for pastoral care, community engagement, and formation. Mark has published three books: Rescuing the Church from Consumerism (SPCK), Eloquent Wisdom: Rhetoric, Cosmology and Delight in the Theology of Augustine of Hippo (Brepols), and Stewards of God’s Delight: Becoming Priests of the New Creation (Cascade).

Tony Clavier

The Rt. Rev. Tony Clavier is a retired bishop, now serving two missions in the Diocese of Springfield. He is co-editor of The Anglican Digest and an occasional blogger.

Stewart Clem

Fr. Stewart Clem is assisting priest at St. Paul’s Church (Mishawaka, Indiana) and a doctoral candidate in moral theology and Christian ethics at the University of Notre Dame.

Michael Cover

The Rev. Dr. Michael Cover is assistant professor of theology at Marquette University and a priest associate at Trinity Episcopal Church in Wauwatosa. A graduate of Harvard, Yale, and the University of Notre Dame, he was ordained a priest in the Diocese of Dallas in 2010.  

David Goodhew

The Rev. Dr. David Goodhew is director of ministerial practice at Cranmer Hall, part of St. John’s College at Durham University.  

Cole Hartin

Cole Hartin is a PhD candidate at Wycliffe College, a postulant in the Diocese of Fredericton, and discipleship ministry associate at St. Mathew’s, Islington, on the West End of Toronto.

Jody Howard

Fr. Jody is a priest in the Diocese of Tennessee, which he serves as rector of St. Joseph of Arimathea Episcopal Church in Hendersonville. Ordained in 2006, Fr. Jody is a native of Asheville, North Carolina, and a graduate of the University of North Carolina-Asheville, and the University of the South School of Theology.

Richard Kew

The Rev. Richard Kew is priest associate at St. George’s Church, Nashville. He was born and raised in England, was educated at the University of London and London College of Divinity, and was ordained to the priesthood at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, in 1970.

John Mason Lock

I am priest-in-charge of Trinity Episcopal Church in Red Bank, a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey. Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I was nurtured spiritually at St. John’s Cathedral and St. Mark’s on-the-Mesa. I am passionately committed to traditional Anglican worship and liturgy, with a particular respect for the 1662 Book of Common Prayer and the ways in which this tradition expresses our Catholic and Reformed heritage. I also believe in the power of primary texts to inspire and grip the imagination, in a way that secondary texts rarely can. My own studies are organized around this principle, as is my teaching at Trinity Church.

Daniel Martins

Bishop Daniel Martins is the 11th Bishop of the Diocese of Springfield in the Episcopal Church, which encompasses central and southern Illinois. He is also secretary of the Living Church Foundation’s board of directors. Among the members of the House of Bishops, he hangs out with the group known as the Communion Partners. He has previously served parishes in the dioceses of Louisiana, Northern Indiana, and San Joaquin.

Hannah Matis

Hannah W. Matis is an assistant professor of church history at Virginia Theological Seminary. She is a recent graduate of the Medieval Institute at the University of Notre Dame, where she completed her doctoral dissertation on the early medieval exegesis of the Song of Songs. She is an avid amateur singer, particularly of early music, and can be relied upon to promote the causes of good Latin, good literature, good food, and good company.

Esau McCaulley

Fr. Esau McCaulley is assistant professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at Northeastern Seminary in Rochester, New York. He recently completed his Ph.D. in New Testament at the University of St Andrews where he studied under the direction of N.T. Wright.  

Jean McCurdy Meade

The Rev. Dr. Jean McCurdy Meade is a retired priest of the Diocese of Louisiana, formerly the Rector of Mount Olivet Church, New Orleans. She resides now in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas, as well as Santa Fe, New Mexico, and New Orleans. She was formerly the dean of the Downtown New Orleans Deanery in the Diocese of Louisiana, and she has served on the diocesan Standing Committee and as deputy to the 2006 General Convention and alternate in 2009. Her Ph.D. from Tulane University is in philosophy; her seminary degree is from Notre Dame Roman Catholic Seminary in New Orleans, where she was a faculty member before her ordination. She holds a B.A. from Agnes Scott College and an M.A.T. from Duke University and has taught in high school and various colleges for many years. She is a contributor to The Living Church.

Mark Michael

Mark Michael is the rector of St. Francis Episcopal Church, Potomac, Maryland. A native of rural Western Maryland, he is a graduate of Duke University and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.

Neal Michell

The Rev. Prebendary Dr. Neal Michell was born in Dallas, Texas, and grew up in Garland. Until recently, he was Dean of St. Matthew's Cathedral in Dallas.

Mother Miriam, CSM

Mother Miriam, CSM, made her life profession as a sister in the Community of Saint Mary in 1983 and was elected ninth Mother Superior of the Eastern Province of the order in 1996. She has a BA in Economics and Business Administration from Rollins College,Winter Park, FL and holds an MBA in management systems and strategic planning from Fordham University, New York. She worked at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children and St. Mary’s Foundation for Children for six years in administration and public relations and retired as Chairman of the Hospital Board in 1999. Currently residing at St. Mary’s Convent in the Diocese of Albany’s Christ the King Spiritual Life Center, Greenwich, NY, Mother Miriam is “all but dissertation” on an STM at Nashotah House.

Brandt Montgomery

The Rev. Brandt L. Montgomery currently serves as the Associate Rector of the Episcopal Church of the Ascension in Lafayette, Louisiana, having recently served for three years as Chaplain of Ascension Episcopal School, its parochial day school.

David Ney

The Rev. Dr. David Ney is a native of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, and a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada. He currently serves as assistant professor of Church history at Trinity School for Ministry, in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.

Timothy O'Malley

Dr. Timothy P. O’Malley is the director of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy at the University of Notre Dame's Institute for Church Life. He is an Associate Professional Specialist in the Department of Theology as well. A graduate of Notre Dame (B.A., Theology and Philosophy; M.T.S., Liturgical Studies) and Boston College (Ph.D.), Dr. O’Malley’s research includes liturgical-sacramental theology, a post-liberal approach to catechesis and liturgical formation, and theological aesthetics.

Matthew S.C. Olver

Fr. Matthew S.C. Olver is Assistant Professor of Liturgics & Pastoral Theology at Nashotah House Theological Seminary, a doctoral student at Marquette University, and assists at the Cathedral Church of All Saints in Milwaukee, WI. A priest of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, he was assistant rector at Church of the Incarnation (Dallas) from 2006-13, where he oversaw her worship life and adult formation. A graduate of Wheaton College (B.A., English literature) and Duke University Divinity School (M.Div.), Fr. Olver’s research interests include liturgical theology, the place of Scripture in early liturgical composition, ecclesiology, sacramental theology, and ecumenism. He is pleased to have an essay, “Documented Ecumenism: Why the Anglican Covenant is the Hope for Anglicanism and its Ecumenical Calling,” in Pro Communione: Theological Essays on the Anglican Covenant, ed. by Benjamin Guyer (Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2012).

Bryan Owen

Originally from Tunica, Mississippi, Fr. Bryan Owen was baptized and raised in the United Methodist Church. A hunger for liturgical worship and the weekly celebration of Holy Eucharist led him into the Episcopal Church, where he was confirmed on the Feast of St. Mary the Virgin, Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Fr. Bryan earned an M.T.S. from Vanderbilt Divinity School, a Ph.D. in Religion, Ethics, and Society from Vanderbilt University’s Graduate Department of Religion, and a certificate in Anglican Studies from the School of Theology at the University of the South. After ordination, he served as rector of the Church of the Incarnation in West Point, Mississippi and as Canon for Parish Ministry at St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Jackson, Mississippi. He is currently rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Rob Price

Since 2006, I have served as the leading pastor (rector) of St. Dunstan’s Church, located in a northwestern suburb of Houston. Prior to coming here, I had the privilege of serving on the staffs of the Church of St. Michael & St. George, St. Louis, and then the Church of the Incarnation, Dallas. I have a BA and MA in history (Stuart England and colonial America) from Stanford and an MA from Yale, also in history (American religion). This simply demonstrates that a lot of resources can be thrown at a problem without solving a durn thing. I went to seminary at Yale Divinity School, where I: (1) came to Jesus, (2) stayed with Jesus. This demonstrates that with God all things are possible. My wife, Kate, and I were married in 1996, and we have three sons ranging in age from 9 to 15, which is why I can’t have nice things.

Sarah Puryear

The Rev. Sarah Puryear currently stays at home with her two children. Most recently she has served associate rector and priest associate at St. George’s Episcopal Church in Nashville, Tennessee. She received her undergraduate degree in English and ancient languages from Wheaton College and her MDiv from Duke Divinity School in 2008. She loves reading fiction, traveling, and spending time with her husband Dan Puryear and their two children.

Ephraim Radner

Ephraim Radner is a priest in the Episcopal Church (Diocese of Colorado) and professor of historical theology at Wycliffe College, an Anglican seminary affiliated with the University of Toronto. His doctorate from Yale Divinity School is in systematic theology.

Peter Robinson

Growing up as the son of an Anglican minister, Peter Robinson worked long and hard to avoid ordination — ultimately to no avail. He has served in parishes in England, France, and the Diocese of Toronto, where he continues to serve when given the opportunity. He currently teaches at Wycliffe College, where he is professor of proclamation, worship, and ministry. He and his wife Tiffany — who is close to completing her PhD on a theology of space — live a very busy life in East Toronto with three teenagers.

Bruce Robison

The Rev. Bruce Robison has served as rector of St. Andrew’s Church, Highland Park, in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh since 1994. He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley (A.B., M.A.), Church Divinity School of the Pacific (M.Div.), and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (D.Min.). He is something of an old-fashioned Evangelical, but with Benedictine tendencies — and with a vocational affinity for life as Village Priest, Country Parson. Bruce occasionally serves in adjunct positions at Trinity School for Ministry and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. A Communion Partner Rector and an early contributor to Covenant, he is the author of occasional book reviews, mostly pastoralia, and keeps a blog of sermons and commentary.

Mac Stewart

Fr. Mac Stewart is studying for a doctorate in historical theology at the Catholic University of America, and serves as assistant priest at St. Francis Episcopal Church in Potomac, Maryland.

George Sumner

The Rt. Rev. Dr. George Sumner, ordained priest in Tanzania in 1981, is the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. He has served in cross-cultural ministry in Navajoland and has a doctorate in theology from Yale. Bishop Sumner is married to Stephanie Hodgkins and is father to Marta and Sam.

John A. Thorpe

John Thorpe is the chaplain at St. John’s Episcopal School in Dallas, Texas. His Covenant posts are here. He grew up in Oklahoma as a self-proclaimed “Protestant mutt,” becoming an Episcopalian in his teenage years through St. Augustine’s, Tempe, Arizona, and Church of the Good Shepherd in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. He attended Oral Roberts University, earning one degree in music composition and another in theological/historical studies in 2002.

Christopher Wells

Dr. Christopher Wells is executive director and editor of the Living Church Foundation. He oversees the publishing, budget, fundraising, marketing, and staff of TLC, and with his colleagues articulates the evolving mission and program of the foundation in collaboration with elected leadership.

George Westhaver

The Rev’d Dr. George Westhaver is the Principal of Pusey House, Oxford, and a fellow of St. Cross College. Pusey House was founded at the end of the 19th century to be a “house of sacred learning” and to serve as a chaplaincy to the University of Oxford from within the Catholic tradition of the Church of England. Pusey House offers students, and those who visit or find a home at the House, a full round of daily worship, opportunities for engaging with the intellectual life of the University, and a hospitable and growing body of students and others actively nurturing vocations and lives of Christian discipleship.

Paul Wheatley

Fr. Paul Wheatley is a PhD student in Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity at the University of Notre Dame, studying manuscript evidence of the reception of the Gospels as a fourfold canon. He is a priest of the Diocese of Dallas.

Clint Wilson

Fr. Clint Wilson is associate rector for Christian Faith and formation at St. George’s Episcopal Church in Nashville, and serves as the ecumenical officer for the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee.

Abigail Woolley

Abigail Woolley lives in Dallas, Texas, where she is pursuing a PhD in Christian ethics at Southern Methodist University. She is a member of Church of the Incarnation.

Christopher Yoder

Fr. Christopher Yoder serves at Church of the Incarnation in Dallas, Texas. Christopher is married to Audra, who is, inter alia, a historian of imperial Russia. They have a son, Peter.