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A bridge not far enough

The Presiding Bishop has released a pastoral letter to the people of the Diocese of South Carolina. If one wishes to see an olive branch in her words, I believe there is one there to be seen. The first and last... Read More...
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For the Love of God

This post is an exercise in futility. So why bother? Because it is sometimes in such moments when truth can be most clearly spoken. There is nothing to lose in being direct, and nothing to gain by being subtle.... Read More...
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Mission & the Daily Office II

In my previous post on this topic I addressed how, in our post-Christian context, the Office can serve to renew the catechumenate and foster discipleship. In this one I want to point out how this can relate to ... Read More...
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Prayers for Bishop Justin Welby

Dr. Welby is an experienced executive and manager. He’s a man of courage who has narrowly escaped danger in visits to northern Nigeria fairly recently. He and his wife have experienced personal tragedy in the loss of a child in a car wreck. He is approachable and down to earth.
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Dumbing abandonment down

By Mark McCall: “The larger question is whether South Carolina intended to leave the Episcopal Church by these acts. The answer quite obviously is no.”
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Why we should dress up for church

If we notice the importance of particular meals in our daily lives (Thanksgiving, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas [!]), ought we not remember the Last Supper in the same way?