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I think I already knew this subliminally, but the prevailing sense in the Global South (a term that might be morphing into Global Majority) is that they were hoodwinked by seminaries in the “first world” countries that evangelized them 200 years ago, and to which they have been sending a steady stream of ordinands until fairly recently.
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Monday (from Bangkok)

Bangkok with its tiny minority Christian population is emblematic of the missional challenge the worldwide church faces, and the Anglican Global South movement now has a two-decade history of taking responsible principled stands in the councils of the worldwide Anglican Communion.
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A response to Ross Douthat

Douthat is right in his reminder of the important ways in which liberal Christianity contributes positively to Western culture, but he is wrong in his diagnosis of our decline.
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Hanging on

Inclusion means more than a minimal tolerance for those deemed intolerably unenlightened. Inclusion means encouragement, it means refusing to erect barriers to growth and survival.