Salvation Himself

By Wesley Hill There’s a wonderful bit in Lancelot Andrewes’ Christmas Day sermon from 1610 where he meditates on the meaning of the angels’ announcement to the shepherds that Christ the Lord, newborn and ly... Read More...

Where to Look for New Life

By Wesley Hill During the afternoon of Maundy Thursday, as I sat writing in my office, the sun burst through the colorless gauze that had been hanging over Pittsburgh for most of Holy Week. I quickly checked... Read More...

Bibles for the Ages

Sometimes I want to sit down to read the Bible in well-wrought English, within a book that is well-made, and on pages that are admirably formatted and presented. Those are all features that help me concentrate on what I believe to be the Word of God.

Easter in Ordinary Time

There is a strange kind of overlapping that we Christians find ourselves living out in between the first advent of Christ and his eventual glorious appearing.

Why I Want to Stay

Why might traditional Anglicans want to remain in TEC? Two words: family and witness.