A short, 2,000-page breviary

By the 1940s St. John’s Abbey became a showpiece and a center for robust and engaging liturgical celebration.

A place in the order of things

My grandfather died two weeks ago, a few months short of his 89th birthday, in the same room where he was born. Most every night of his long life, he slept under the same roof, in the farmhouse where his parents had settled just after their marriage.

St. Luke’s, bivocational priests, and Fr. Holder

Bivocational ministry is widely touted as our future model in the Episcopal Church. The TREC report encouraged exploration of “diverse ways for ordained clergy to make a living inside and outside the Church.” My hope for the conversation was that Fr. Holder could tell me a little more about how this actually works, for the bivocational leader and for the congregation that ministers with him or her.