A Deadly Kind of Calling

By Jordan Hillebert Augustine wept at his ordination. He had arrived in the ancient seaport of Hippo, in part, to avoid becoming a priest. The Catholic Church in North Africa was at that time a relatively... Read More...

Inhabiting a Strange New World

How might we make use of spiritual exegesis and the “fourfold sense” in our proclamation of the Bible’s strange new world?

Interpreting a Strange New World

Rather than acting as a signpost to the strange new world of Scripture, the sermon all-too-often obstructs our view of the Bible’s terrain. We have lost sight of the strange; our pews remain fixed in the familiar.

Keep Christianity Weird

Love Makes No Sense is in many ways a panegyric to the oddity of Christian faith and practice.

An apology for theology

God is not to be used; God alone is to be enjoyed. Theology is the stubborn pursuit of this enjoyment.

8 meditations on Lent

Lent is a voice crying in the wilderness, a finger stabbing in the direction of Golgotha.