The Trinity in the Old Testament

By Jeff Boldt Modern Christians wrongly tend to view the Old Testament as the record of a religion that Christianity replaced. Not only does this mean that we think the laws of Moses have been cancelled, but... Read More...

Jesus Christ in the Old Testament

By Jeff Boldt Between Easter and the Ascension the risen Lord appeared to two disciples on the road to Emmaus. Famously, they didn't recognize Jesus, which is all the more incredible given that one of them m... Read More...

Christ’s Reversal of Cosmic Decay

By Jeff Boldt Awhile back I wrote about the fact that creation is a temple, and that humanity (Adam) is a priest. Now I'll look at the cosmic consequence of humanity's dereliction of our priesthood. That is,... Read More...

Find Yourself Within the Book of Life

The book of life, however, is more than a guest list for heaven. It's no other than the book of Scripture. And the book of Scripture is more than a history book. It actually maps out where time is going.

Theology and Occult Science

It pays to know the history of occult science in order to see that the latest science-and-religion dialogue will likely produce an occult theory. After all, occultism stands at the intersection of science and religion, being naturalistic without being materialistic. Theologians don’t always know the occult implication of their projects.