Psalm 37: “Don’t You Worry”

By Hannah Matis Andrew Bird is not a musician I would expect, in the ordinary way of things, to take up biblical exegesis.  A prodigy fiddler, possessed of a stage whistle worthy of the late great Ennio Morr... Read More...

Preaching amidst Coronavirus

This post continues a series of essays on preaching written by lay people. Other installments may be found here. By Hannah Matis A small lifetime ago — can it really have been only a month? — I was thinki... Read More...

The Ordinary Life as Subversive

One of the greatest strengths of Little Women is that it is a story of very different sisters, and thus becomes a kind of fable of the very different paths a woman may choose.

The Auckland Project

For an increasingly secular Britain, the Auckland Project is an important and generous way to introduce people the role in their local history played by the church and the unique religious heritage of the north of England.

Good Omens

This is salvation history, but told from the point of view of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

Prayer and the Early Medieval Monk

Renie Choy’s recent book is an invaluable resource to anyone wondering how early medieval monks spent their time or understood their mission in the world.